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At onPar Speech, it is our goal to personalize, and go the extra mile with the service we provide. onPar Speech uses a creative approach for every client, adapting and even creating new materials to suit your needs.

Who is onPar Speech?

onPar Speech provides Speech and Language Pathology Services including assessment and treatment of a variety of communication disorders in children and adults. onPar Speech started in 2015 because Hillary wanted to give her clients the best chance possible, in a creative and compassionate environment. She started treating children with disabilities in North Carolina, moving eventually and settling in Gilbert Arizona where she now runs onPar Speech. Hillary has worked with children with Autism for the past 5 years and is dedicated to every parent and child’s needs.

What is onPar Speech?

onPar Speech is a Speech and Language Pathology based private practice. onPar Speech offers therapy services in a variety of areas including articulation, receptive / expressive language disorder, phonological disorders, communication deficits resulting from Autism, social language, and early (k-1) reading disorders. We strive to provide therapy that is proven effective through various research studies as well as through our experience working in the field. onPar Speech views you the parent, as a valuable member of your child’s team. An open dialogue between the parent and therapist is very important to your child’s success.

Where is onPar Speech?

Our main office is located in the San Tan Village Shopping Center in Gilbert Arizona. Additionally, we have two other convenient locations at 9375 E Shea Blvd in Scottsdale and 4140 E Baseline Rd in Mesa. We also provide in-home services and are working to provide virtual “Telepractice Therapy” in the near future. We do our best to schedule appointments at a time and location that is most convenient for you, so if one of our offices do not meet your needs please let us know and we will try to accommodate you. We offer a convenient online scheduler, but also accept appointments by phone at 480.579.3909 extension 1. New clients may call us, or sign up online for a free “New Client Intake Call” and we will call you back at a time that is convenient for you. During this call, we will gather some information and schedule a free “New Client Consultation“.

Why onPar Speech?

onPar Speech is a speech therapy clinic with ambitions to expand and create a place where parents can find the tools and services they need to deal with the challenges and ever-changing world that surrounds having a child with disabilities. Too often, parents find themselves alone, thrown into a confusing and overwhelming whirlwind of information and requirements to meet their child’s needs. We hope to be a source of support and comfort in the journey to overcoming the struggles that lie ahead.

onPar Speech aims to provide the best therapy possible and as a part of that goal, we are dedicated to creating a dynamic and personalized environment to enhance each session’s productivity. We are committed to providing high-quality speech-language therapy in a family-centered environment. We believe that children make the most progress when their parents or caregivers are actively involved in the therapy process.

Your speech truly is our business. Therefore, we make every effort to provide you with every opportunity to succeed. If you succeed, then we succeed! And that makes us happy!

At onPar Speech, we believe that each child can make optimal progress with the right combination of therapist creativity and parent participation. Your child will receive services in a nurturing and effective environment. We are so excited to become your child’s therapist!

How with onPar Speech?

We are also available to answer any questions, or address any concerns you may have.
Feel free to contact us by phone at 480.579.3909, email or twitter!

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