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So excited to start services!!

So excited to start services!!

I can’t wait to get started seeing kids! It’s been my dream for as long as I can remember to have my own practice, a place where I can give kids the help I know they deserve. I have been a Speech-Language Pathologist for over 17 years and have worked in many settings. Something I have noticed over time is that creativity has a large impact on the effectiveness of the therapy. A lot of clinics I have seen often times limit your ability to think outside the box. That is something central to what I want to improve at onPar Speech. It is one of my core beliefs that individualizing the therapy makes for a more pleasant and enjoyable experience for the client. It also allows them to progress and meet their goals without it seeming like work.


I envision onPar Speech as a place where clients will want to visit because they know that they will be treated with compassion in a creative, enjoyable setting. One of the most rewarding things to me in speech therapy is seeing the progress my clients make, and I have tried to make onPar Speech about showing that progress as much as possible. I’m very excited to see how parents react to seeing their child’s progress in real-time through our website’s client portal. It also offers the ability to download their child’s progress reports, etc. and upload other relevant data. This is something that’s central to the way I see onPar Speech in the future, transparency and open communication and participation between the therapist and client is paramount to our objectives.

I really look forward to meeting my new clients and getting to know them. I also look forward to seeing them progress and eventually ‘graduate’. Let me know what you’re thinking on twitter or in the comments below! Thank you so much, and speak well!

“Hillary has been a Speech and Language Pathologist for 17 years. She loves speech therapy, and loves working with kids.

— Hillary

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