The Caring Difference

Have a Heart

Come and see how we make the difference with our caring, nurturing approach to speech and language therapy. We understand the importance of kindness and nurture in working with clients of all ages with communication disorders. We understand that therapy can be difficult for both children and adults. We take the time to address your concerns about you or your child’s progress in a nurturing, nonjudgmental environment. We also understand that we are asking children to go with a new person in a new room and to perform new tasks and we are respectful of any anxiety that may arise from the start of therapy. We are experienced in the area of behavior management and are able to address any difficult behaviors that your child may have due to anxiety or discomfort with being asked to do something difficult. You can help us make the caring difference by sharing with us your child’s interests, difficulties, and other experiences so that we may best approach your child with nurturing and kindness. We rely on you to help us with this goal and appreciate any feedback that you may provide. At onPar Speech, we acknowledge that you know your child the best and you know what works best for your child. We are always open to suggestion so that we can make a difference in a caring way.

27 july

The Autism – Anxiety Connection and My Girl

Sorry, it’s been awhile… my girl cub has …

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