The Creative Approach

Be Creative

At onPar Speech, we take pride in infusing creativity in every speech/language treatment session. When age appropriate, we create materials that are of special interest for your child. For example, themes that might be used include popular cartoon and movie characters and popular video games. We make it our business to create therapeutic theme-based materials, with the belief that children make more progress when they are engaged and participating in enjoyable activities. We also make it our business to incorporate traditional tabletop games to help meet therapy goals and encourage rapport building between the therapist and child. There are many ways that you can infuse creativity at home when working with your child. We are happy to provide suggestions and to make sample items to help you make your child’s home practice more enjoyable. We also believe in the effectiveness of using variety to achieve goals and understand that using materials in a creative manner will help your child achieve greater mastery over therapy goals.

27 july

The Autism – Anxiety Connection and My Girl

Sorry, it’s been awhile… my girl cub has …

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